so many thoughts rolling through my brain this week…

we’ll see if i can coherently put them together in blog form.  i’ve really wrestled with changing my blog to be something more streamlined along with my passions and my expertise.  i’ve come to the conclusion that i just enjoy writing.  i like it when people read what i write, but that is really not the important thing.  this blog is basically what it says.  my musings.  opportunities for you, the reader, to see what might be on my mind, or what’s happening with our family.  i believe my blog is missional at the core because i’m always looking for the spiritual even in the mundane and ordinary.  i’m always seeking beauty and promoting excellent art.  so i’ll keep writing the way i have been.  i hope those of you who are casual passer-by’s will come back and continue to read.  you may find something of great interest, or you may decide to spend your time elsewhere.  i do want to point out that you can subscribe to my blog via RSS feed on the top right hand side.  if i had some people who subscribed, that would be EPIC.  btw, my newest phrase that is currently in heavy rotation is “that would be EPIC”!!

have a great day


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