i was listening to the radio yesterday…

and i heard a song that sounded familiar, so i “midomi’d” it with my iphone and came up with

Breakfast in America by Supertramp.  was that it? i got to thinking, did someone cover that?  it started my musical brain working and then i realized where i had heard it before…the chorus of this “song”

it’s not a rip-off like everyone is calling Coldplay’s Viva la Vida, they actually sampled Supertramp, which is what  hip-hop is built on (think Can’t Touch This/SuperFreak) i mean basically hip-hop and rap was built on sampling other artist’s records, but they had to give credit and residuals to those artists (unlike Vanilla Ice and the Verve Pipe)

so for all of you that thought Travis was an amazing writer, he’s ok.  he’s better at not minding that his girlfriend “kissed a girl, and she liked it”

see for yourself.  here is the Supertramp joint.


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