too much going on today to put in a good post…

we did have a great time at the Stars game last night.  i was in the same building as Wayne Gretzky.  i had never been to a true NHL game.  we got to go with our good friends Rob and Jennifer Methvin, and we had a great time.

we sat up in the top corner with people i like to call the “super fans”  most people would just call them the crazies.  they had all of their own cheers and traditions, it was actually pretty cool.

so here is our view of the ice.


and this dude was sitting right behind us.  he was very cool.


here was the sign on the back wall.  we were three rows from the top of the American Airlines Center.


here are a few more of the people in the section.  they guy with the white jersey has a green mohawk which he didn’t spike up for this evenings game which basically made him have a Brian “The Boz” Bosworth hairstyle.  but he was cool.


and this gal was the ultimate Stars Fanatic.  she actually got called down by the police…  wild!


i wish the iPhone took better pictures, but it’s all good.  the Stars lost and this section was very sad.

thanks again to Rob and Jen for the tix.  Amy and i had fun.

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