busy day today….

i would talk about American Idol, but pretty much everybody blew except for Danny!  none of those kids know how to pick a song.  the only girl who i would have voted for was the one with the blonde and pink hair.  that tells you how much of an impression they made on me.

that being said, i wanted to leave you with another loop performance.  this was the first guy that i saw do this (although Phil Keaggy has been doing it for years).

Howie Day

One comment

  1. Just peeked in at your blog and saw that you are thinkin’ the same thing I’m thinkin’ about A.I. While I’m sitting here watching the show… and hoping for ol’ Danny as well…

    And the winner is…. Yep, you and I both nailed it. He’s really the only one so far with a good, good chance.

    And yes, I liked white and pink haired girl as well.

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