a new guitar player i’m jazzed about…

i’ve been a fan of Saturday Night Live as long as i’ve been old enough to make sure my parents went to sleep so i could sneak back into living room to watch it in the dark on Saturday nights.

one of the mainstays throughout the seasons has been an amazing band of professional-world class musicians.

the first band was headed up by none other than Canadian Wonder Boy Paul Shaffer.


great pic of him with hair

after Paul left to go be with Big Dave Letterman, Howard Shore came into the picture…


amazing composer and arranger, he left the show in the early eighties.  this is where G.E. Smith comes in and also when I start watching the show.


since Smith, the current band leader has been former “Tower of Power” member Lenny Pickett.  He’s an AMAZING sax player.  his altissimo riffs have been a mainstay during the 90’s and the 2000’s.


i find that on SNL, whatever instrument the band leader plays is typically the “featured” instrument in most of the commercial breaks.  i.e. Smith was an amazing guitar player so he gets all of the camera/solo time.  people who watch the show know that Pickett’s sax is the voice of the band.

lately however in watching the show i’ve noticed a trend…there is a young, long haired guitar player who is getting a lot of down front, camera/solo time.  he plays a sweet powder blue Tele with a Bixby tremolo.

I did a little research last night and his name is Jared Scharff.


and he RIPS!  i couldn’t find any SNL footage of him so you’ll just have to see him rockin with his band “the Royals”



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