well…until Jason Bradford sends me some footage….

of him shredding, we will have to move on with my other favorite guitar players.

today i want to talk about a guy that you probably don’t know, but you may know his work.

he’s actually a buddy of mine here in Dallas.  we haven’t gotten to hang out lately which is sad, but that doesn’t diminish his guitar prowess.

his name is Mark Akin


Mark is one of the best guitar players i’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.  not only is he a great guitar player.  he is an amazing teacher and clinician.  i first met him at a Jackson guitar clinic at Fuller’s Guitar’s in Houston.  he can actually impart what he knows to others.  if you asked him what you should do to become better, he will tell you, “Learn Your fretboard bro”!

Mark is actually a platinum selling artist.  he is the sole instrumentalist behind the insanely popular anime series DRAGONBALL Z!



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