so i watched the Oscar’s last night…


i was very excited for the 8 wins for “Slumdog Millionaire”.  any time a low budget Indie film about real people can beat the Hollywood machine, i’m all for it.

i thought the actor awards were pretty much ok.  i thought Heath Ledger was great in “The Dark Knight” but if he had still been alive, i don’t think he would have won.  posthumous is a big deal to the Academy’s.

i figured that Kate Winslett would win, and i probably could have told you that Sean Penn would win because controversial roles always, always, always trump GREAT performances.  that being said…Frank Langella, you have a Tony for your performance as Richard Nixon, and i would say that is a REAL acting award.  you don’t need an Oscar although your performance was by far the most outstanding of the group.

my low points of the night were the shameless plugging of Bill Maher by Bill Maher and Sean Penn’s self-serving acceptance speech…why don’t you just thank yourself for being so you?

my favorite parts of the night were basically when Steve Martin and Tina Fey did the whole screenwriter thing and the Hugh Jackman “musical” number.

alright. that’s all i have.  let’s all go get Slumdog when it comes out on DVD.  more Guitar Greats tomorrow.


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