back to guitar players….

let me say right off that bat.  i’m not a huge fan of country music.  i like certain songs, but the genre as a whole doesn’t excite or really hit me as earth shattering.  i like certain artists and would probably buy a few songs.

that being said, there are some AMAZING musicians and singers in country music.

i thought i would kill two birds with one stone today and talk about Brad Paisley and Keith Urban.


these two masters of the telecaster can certainly rip.

i really like Brad Paisley and his ability to write really witty songs.  i first ran across him with his song “I’m Gonna Miss Her” in which the video featured Kimberly Williams from “Father of the Bride” (he’s now married to her).  I think Brad has an amazing ability to play both acoustic and electric and his electric tone is his signature.  it’s just a fat, vintage telecaster sound.  love it.

i like Keith Urban as well.  i guess my first exposure to him was on “I Wanna Love Somebody Like You”!  What a great song.  amazing banjo and guitar work and one of the best melodies in a song i’ve ever heard.  it also featured former model Nickie Taylor (Urban didn’t follow suit and marry the girl from his video…he stepped it up and married Academy Award winner and fellow Aussie Nicole Kidman)  Urban plays a telecaster as well, but also branches out to some Gibson guitars on occasion.  he has a little edgier tone and style than Paisley, i think he could step into the rock arena just as easily as the country.

i’ve kindof followed these guys through award shows and my occasional foray onto Country Music Television (which actually shows videos)  most recently i like Brad’s song “Ticks” it’s funny and has another one of his blazing guitar solos.  i also like Keith’s song “Sweet Thing”.

Paisley and Urban teamed up most recently on this song.

enjoy both of them playing.  i especially enjoy the front where they “try” to play some classics.

good solo sections and they trade 4’s


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