ok regardless of the fact that his bus dumped crap on people…

i would be remiss if i didn’t mention one Mr. Dave Matthews in this list of great guitar players.


Dave has his own special style.  he is a beast of a player, but what makes him even better is the band that surrounds him.  these cats can play.  so they complement his unique style of fingerpicking, strumming and playing the hardest chords known to humans.  i believe he has an incredible grasp of theory and coupled with his hand span creates chords that sends the hand of a normal human into spasms.  i love that Dave and his band are passionate about crafting complex, intelligent music.   that being said…here is Dave Matthews….



  1. most excellent post…love DMB. no post on the guitar skills in DMB is complete, though without a part 2 on Tim Reynolds. check him out if you’re not familiar.

    1. i’ll add him to my list for a future part 2. i’m up to about 20 guitar players that i think are awesome or admire. adding more daily. whew. but it gives me something to post about. send me some footage and i’ll put a post up about you….

  2. Agree on the addition of Dave Matthews. He’s pretty incredible. The band makes it happen, too. It’s been interesting to see them progress.

    Second you on the Tim Reynolds stuff. Them together is always awesome.

    Third, the Eric Johnson records I have are pretty amazing. He’s so clean. He’s a perfecionist though, so that explains a lot.

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