Month: March 2009

i thought i would just drop a post of…

Michael Kelsey.

this guy is an amazing guitar player.


he taps, he strums, he picks.  it’s amazing.  he’s also running loops and percussion stuff with his feet.  basically he can be a one man band, and often is.

i love his passion the best.  he plays with such intensity and passion, like this might be the last time he ever plays guitar.

enjoy. listen for all the “homages” to guitar greats.

Sunday Setlist…

this post is a part of Sunday Setlists over at Fred McKinnon’s Blog


We had a great Sunday.  Great service all around.

Song of Hope-Robbie Seay Band

Our God Saves-Brenton Brown/Paul Baloche

Amazed-Jared Anderson

Revelation Song– Jennie Lee Riddle (offering)

we sang this over the church for the first time.  Holy Moment indeed.

Sermon-Glorifying Thunder

Revelation Song (invitation) invited congregation to sing….and they did.

i’m not dead…

i just have a lot going on.  trying to get into the swing of the new job and still find time to blog.

blogging is a priority for me, it is just a little lower right now.  it will move back up in the list as soon as i have better internet access at #campazooloo.

so i leave you with a video of Missy Higgins.  I love this video, it is artistically very EPIC.  i want to steal the box idea for a series we do at church.  waiting for the right time.  have a good one.

we were back to full band this week…

this post is part of Sunday Set Lists over at Fred McKinnon’s blog

we had electric and bass back this week.

All Over the World-Martin Smith/Matt Redman

Welcome/Announcements/Children’s Time (done brilliantly by a high school girl named Reagan)

Here is Our King-David Crowder

Rescue-Jared Anderson

By His Wounds-Mac Powell/David Nasser (offering.  still teaching this one)

Sermon-Sacrifice: John 3:14-22 Pastor Mike

You Alone-David Crowder (Invitation)

it was great to have people back and i felt the service went really well.  getting excited and ready for Palm Sunday and Easter.

have a great week.

What we grooved to this past Sunday…

this post is part of Sunday Morning Setlists over at Fred McKinnon’s blog!

we had a few people out due to Spring Break starting this week, so we went with a little more subdued acoustic set.  two acoustics, scaled back drums, keyboard and piano with me on vocals.

Everlasting God-Lincoln Brewster

Welcome/Announcements/Children’s time

All We Need-Charlie Hall

Mighty to Save-Hillsong

By His Wounds-Mac Powell/David Nasser (offertory)

Sermon-A Corraborating Witness: Psalm 19

Open the Eyes of My Heart-Paul Baloche

i thought the service went really well.  we actually got sound on our live mogulus feed so we were able to stream the service.  working on developing tv time and a podcast.  the team did an awesome job. 

have a great week.

i want your input…

i have a pretty extensive list of guitar players.  i think i could blog about this for a while…

what i need from you to do is go back and see who i’ve already named in my Great Guitar Player series and chime in with who i’m missing.  what i’m really looking for are the more obscure players who don’t get a lot of talk.  i may not blog about Clapton, Hendrix or Page.  i know that might tear people up, but that’s how i roll.

leave a comment and i’ll get to it.  this process already works…per my last post about Tim Reynolds.


part of the magic of DMB…

is Tim Reynolds.  an army brat, he got his start playing bass at church.  he delved into some jazz and progressive rock!  you can read his bio here & here

i must admit, i’m an admirer of DMB, but not a huge fan, so i don’t know all that much about Reynolds other than what i have read, seen and heard, but from those things, he deserves to be mentioned in the guitar greats series.  i’m sure that Patrick and Rob can add massive comments that would far outreach what i could ever post, but check him out.