part of the magic of DMB…

is Tim Reynolds.  an army brat, he got his start playing bass at church.  he delved into some jazz and progressive rock!  you can read his bio here & here

i must admit, i’m an admirer of DMB, but not a huge fan, so i don’t know all that much about Reynolds other than what i have read, seen and heard, but from those things, he deserves to be mentioned in the guitar greats series.  i’m sure that Patrick and Rob can add massive comments that would far outreach what i could ever post, but check him out.


One comment

  1. All I have to say is do NOT discount things like witchcraft! This guy moves so fast I’m waiting for either a finger or string or something to come flying off. Not only is he wicked fast but freakin’ awesome as well, and the two are not always paired together. I really wish he and Dave would do another tour together. When the two combine their talents, it’s nothing short of a gift from heaven.

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