i want your input…

i have a pretty extensive list of guitar players.  i think i could blog about this for a while…

what i need from you to do is go back and see who i’ve already named in my Great Guitar Player series and chime in with who i’m missing.  what i’m really looking for are the more obscure players who don’t get a lot of talk.  i may not blog about Clapton, Hendrix or Page.  i know that might tear people up, but that’s how i roll.

leave a comment and i’ll get to it.  this process already works…per my last post about Tim Reynolds.



One comment

  1. Let’s see, these are some of my favorites, most of them are probably more famous than you are looking for or you already mentioned them, but here goes:

    Ry Cooder (My personal all-time favorite)
    Eric Johnson
    Todd Rundgren
    Derek Trucks
    Joe Satriani
    Steve Vai
    Adrian Legg
    Stanley Jordan
    Jeff Beck
    Richie Blackmoore
    Tony Iommi
    Angus Young

    I tried to cut the list shorter but I just couldn’t. I like them all for various reasons, from Jordan’s amazing innovative style to Beck’s influence on those that came after him.

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