Resurrection Sunday!!!

an amazing morning of celebrating our Risen Lord yesterday.


We kicked off the service with

My Savior Lives-New Life Worship

Christ the Lord is Risen Today-Charles Wesley (we kicked it Ashley Cleveland style minus the bagpipe intro)

Revelation Song-Jennie Lee Riddle (our 4th week on this. My vocalist April does an amazing job and the congregation SINGS)

Your Love Never Fails-Chris McClarney (we did this for the offering-if you haven’t checked out Chris Quilala and, go right now)

Sermon-The Power of the Resurrection

Let God Arise-Chris Tomlin (i tried to give people some time to come forward and contemplate by singing the chorus softly, but couldn’t contain the joy that this song would emote so some people who were praying down front got unleashed on, but it was alright)

what an amazing Sunday.  God is giving me back the 6 months that man tried to take away from me.  He is completing my joy.  i am a better leader and worshipper for that time away.  my singing and playing are not where i would like them to be quite yet, but they will get there.

much thanks to Jinx for coming and playing electric for us.

this post is part of Sunday Setlists over at Fred McKinnon’s blog


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