so i’ve been capturing video and making DVD’s all day…

but i’m taking a break to blog.  just for you my reading public.  i haven’t even checked the stats today, but i will.

today i just want to talk about the greatness of what Ian Kinsler did last night.

Orioles Rangers Baseball

he hit for the cycle.  now those of you who don’t know what that is.  he hit a single, a double, a triple and a homerun in the same game, now if you don’t know what those are, stop reading my blog immediately and go to and learn about the game…JK…keep reading my blog.

this is only the 4th time a Texas Ranger has hit for the cycle in team history (ok the team has only been around since 72, but still it’s hard to do)

he was also 6 for 6 and scored 5 runs.  the Rangers were an offensive machine last night driving in 19 runs and breaking a 5 game losing streak.

i wish i could have been there.

thanks Ian for making me baseball happy…


oh yeah.  GO RANGERS!!!!


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