what a great Sunday…

this post is part of the Sunday Setlists over at Fred McKinnon’s blog.


We had a great Sunday this week.  It was the first week of our “TwoGatherings” where we move to one Traditional and one Contemporary service.

our stage had been cleared for a banquet and noone had told me so we got started a little late on rehearsal which meant i missed the first part of the traditional service.  i did get to catch the choir special of Dona Nobis Pacem.  it was very beautiful.  i have to say here that it’s the second time in a week that i’ve sat in a pew and sang from a hymnal.  i haven’t done that in about 13-14 years.

so onto our setlist.  my female vocalist showed up with no voice, so it was just me and the band.

I Am Free-Jon Egan (Promise Keeper’s Version)–and boy did they ever sing the echo back.  Awesome.

Song of Hope-Robbie Seay Band –i love this song.  i still haven’t hit that falsetta note like i want to, but it will happen.

Mighty to Save-Hillsong –first time i’ve done this one with FUMC, but they knew it.

Your Love Never Fails-Chris McClarney–we did this one for offering again.  i’ve got it slated for next week, but may drop the key to G for easier congregational singing.

Sermon-My Lord and My God

Come Ye Sinners-Robbie Seay Band–i love this setting, it’s so simple.

well there you have it.  it was a good day.



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