have you forgiven mike guglielmucci yet?

i know the story sent reverberations through the worship world.  he lied?  he lied about being sick?  i’ve heard the song “Healer” is tainted.  i’ve heard people say they will never sing it again.  i’ve heard so many things, but when i went back and listened to the song again today.  as i cried while i sang with him, i couldn’t help but think that song came out when i needed great healing.  i would sit in my office and sing it every day.  why do we behold such offenses and then write people off.  when you behold the offense…you become the offender!  so i forgive you Mike.  i forgave you the day i found out.  i believe that the Holy Spirit has used that song to help many people.  i will still sing it.

and for those of you who are still sitting in judgement…

stop reading the Psalms they were mostly compiled by a murdering adulterer. 


and you might want to lay of the Epistles too.  Saul/Paul was a pretty bad dude.  i believe he said he was the “chief of sinners”


i like Kari Jobe’s version, but this song is powerful live.  i think the song is redemptive.  let it be what it is.

here is Kari live at Pink Impact.



  1. I’ve heard the song a couple times, but I hadn’t heard that story. Wow. That’s shocking.

    And while I would agree that the truth of the Psalms don’t rest on whether or not the author was without sin, personally I would have a hard time singing “Healer” since it was written in response to the fake cancer.

    Are the words suddenly unbiblical because we find their author clearly has psychological issues? Of course not. Should we forgive him and pray for him and his family? Yes, of course.

    I hope Mike G. still sings this song in private. God is a healer. A healer of sin and lies and deception.

    If he writes a song now about confession and repentance, I might be more inclined to sing it. 🙂

    Glad things are going well in Lufkin. Grace & Peace. -evan

    1. they are going great. Carol has been reassigned to Beaumont/Baytown area. We are getting the Tyler DS as our new Senior Pastor in June. his name is Nick Sholars. i like all of the interaction i’ve had with him. maybe God is healing Mike G. of his deception and what appeared to be mental illness. i’m going to teach our church the song and tell them the story. God redeems what the locusts have eaten. i think the song has a cry that the church needs to hear. the biblical truth is still there. i’m glad God uses flawed people or i would have no part in ministry. thanks for your thoughts. i can see where you are coming from. hope things are going great at FOF.

  2. Everytime i sing Healer in my church it still talkes to me and is still anointed. Lets hope we can forgive Mike like God a has done already.

  3. I have never heard this song until today. I read the story first.

    I can’t help but believe that Mike was praying for healing and making a statement of faith.

    “I believe that You are my Healer”. – Mike was sick… perhaps not with cancer of the body. But pornography is a cancer of the mind. He did need healing and this song is anointed.

    This is a great song and thank God that He is more forgiving than we are! All we have to do is approach God once to have our sins thrown out of God’s memory. Alas, that we don’t also have the ability to forget the sins we perceive.

    I would fully support Mike on a rebound. What a great testimony, what a great healing!

    This song is almost a prayer… and God answered that prayer the day Mike confessed. Remember, believing in Christ also requires a public confession of sin followed by a public confession of faith. He has done both.

    Unfortunate how the media used this to claim that Xians are hoaxes… But a great story and testimony after the fact.

    God bless,


  4. Good post and great thoughts.

    When Healer came out I was going through some difficult times. I saw some of my friends play the song alongside Mike Guglielmucci at a youth event, and I was struggling with physical illness at the time and felt so inspired and moved by the song. Part of me looks back on that time and wishes I’d gone with my sense of skepticism regarding his testimony. I loved that song, it was so beautiful. They don’t sing it in my church anymore.

    Still, as I told young people in my church at the time the confession came out, “If you are so upset by this, maybe you need to stop and ask yourself whether you were worshipping a Christian celebrity or Christ Himself.” No one’s perfect, after all. It was a very odd story, of course, and I can’t personally fathom why anyone would pursue fame in the Christian world, but really – everyone’s got issues and it maybe it’s hard struggling with problems when you’re from a pastor’s family: your problems might bring (rightfully or wrongfully) discredit to your family’s work.

    The beauty of the people in the Bible is that they are so human. Their flaws and successes are listed together.

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