it’s Sunday Setlist Time….

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we had a great week.  thanks to Justin Romack for filling in for Mark our regular drummer.  he did a great job.

i felt like my energy was down just a bit this week.  we’ve had a great month, and i sometimes expect a dip.  i don’t like it, but it happens.  just makes me focus more on what is important, and my own preparation so that our people can worship.  that being said, here’s what we sang.

Everlasting God-Brenton Brown (we did the Lincoln Brewster version and Jay, our guitar player, did a great job)

Cell Phone Video (this was  humor video we showed of an usher destroying a blackberry because it rang in the service)

Your Grace is Enough-Matt Maher (first time we’ve done this one.  it went great)

Your Love Never Fails-Chris McClarney (Ok, we did this for offering two weeks in a row and this week we introed it into the worship set.  as much as i love it, i don’t think the congregation is going to sing it.  it’s kindof a tricky rhythm, so we’ll retire it for now, we may come back to  it)

New Doxology-Gateway Worship (i love this arrangement and new verses to this hymn, we had some issues going from 6/4 to 4/4, but it came off well.  we don’t get alot of rehearsal time and need another week to gel on this.  we introed it as the offertory)

Sermon-We Are the Children of God

You Alone-David Crowder (invitation)

overall a great day.  worked on some sound issues.  really getting things fixed all around.  about to have  buddy of mine come out and work with our video stuff. i’m excited about what God is doing and is going to do in the body here at FUMC Lufkin.


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  1. We’ve retired a few songs for this same reason. The band loves the song and plays it well but the people are just not into it. No matter how many times we do it it’s just not singable.

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