i love benedictions…


some of my favorite moments of worship come from some benedictions.  it’s like challenge and a blessing rolled into one.  i posted one of my favorites a week or so ago. the benedictions that they do at Ecclesia church in Houston are beautiful, broken and amazing.  our pastor does great benedictions every Sunday.  i love to hear great, well thought out ones.

the benedictions that speak the most to me are the ones that Rob Bell does on the Nooma series of videos.  he really has studied some cool rabbinical and early church writings so that his benedictions come in that vibe.  they are beautiful and traditional in their structure, yet very modern in the language and content.  he always sets up the benediction (what he leaves you with) with a question earlier in the teaching.  for this particular one i want to share with you from the video “Today”, the question is, “When you think of your life, what was the best time?”

he ends the video with these words…

May you accept the past for what it is.  May you celebrate what needs to be celebrated and grieve what needs to be grieved and then, may you receive from God a new spirit, one for here, now, today.


….i love that thought.  rejoice and mourn, but then receive what is in store for you today.



  1. I came in search of the perfect benediction to complete a healing service for a friend with AIDS. She is feeling the early aging that has come with years of medications (and 23 years with HIV). This is wonderful; glad you “lifted” it for a post!

    1. glad it was of help to you. i don’t think we spend enough time sending people off with blessings and benedictions. please give your friend my best and i pray that she has great peace and healing in her life.

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