i think i may have talked about this before….

the subject is “AutoTune” vs. “TalkBox”

with the advent of T-Pain, this has become a “debate” is he using AutoTune or a TalkBox?

well i’m here to clear that up for any of you that are confused.

he’s using AutoTune a program by Antares, that is either a Rack Mount or a plugin on the recording software.  Kanye West used this on his most recent “album” as well.  which is good, because he CAN’T SING!!!

here is an example of AutoTune.  they actually show you the setting on the computer.

this is the first time i remember hearing AutoTune on a song.

stupid YouTube wouldn’t let me have the original video.

so AutoTune doesn’t have to sound like an automated robot and i think both Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus need to have one on their rigs.  i would use one if i was singing live on TV.

this is TalkBox.  the difference.  TalkBox takes some skill.  this is a guy playing keyboard with it.

i love it how he is playing on what appears to be a Casio Keyboard.

now, in my opinion, the MASTER of the TalkBox.  Peter Frampton.

and i would be remiss if i didn’t post this.

he uses the TalkBox at about 3:53 in the video to sing one of my favorite songs EVER!!  it rocks believe me.

lots of videos today, but i hope i cleared up the “AutoTune” vs “TalkBox” confusion for many of you.



    1. yes, TalkBox on the guitar takes more skillz than i have. last season on American Idol, David Cook tried to use one, and IMHO he hadn’t practiced with the rig enough. i love the Geico commercial with Frampton. too cool.

  1. But how do it know where to tune you too? How does it affect you as you “hear” what you’re not really singing? I’ve never even been close to one but these are the things that go through my head…I’m sure one of those vids up there will fill me in more but I can’t watch those here at the Ex..

    1. there is a feature on the rack mount that you can enter the key. or there is a chromatic setting where it picks up any key. there are 22 levels of automation. Chuck D. over at First Assembly told me to pick one up. especially since we are on internet and soon to be on TV. he says use the 9 setting. 0 makes you sound like a rapper.

  2. Oh yeah ..and Frampton.. sophmore year in HS… his tunes waifting throught the parking lot at the field house as we gathered for workouts..everybody had one of those 8 tracks..

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