repost…i have a question for you…

about your church…  the one you attend…if you attend one…or if you don’t…

( i pulled these words and concepts from Chasing Francis by Morgan Ian Cron.  i added some of my own questions as well.)

is your church transcendent? do people encounter the one true living God there.  or are knowledge and theology the centerpieces of your faith?  are people simply reading about Him are they actually being changed by their encounters with The Word?

does your church value community? and i mean real authentic community, not a potluck every now and then or a monthly party .  do you carry each other’s burdens? bind up the broken hearted? have a genuine concern for one another? what does community look like in your church?

does your church value beauty? does it embrace those things that are beautiful even though they may be broken? does it value artists and art? do the people of your church trust the simple power of beauty to point people to God, rather than “Christian art” that’s consciously propagandistic?

does your church help value and help restore people’s dignity? is everyone welcome regardless of race, age, socio-economic status?  Jesus set the bar in this.  His whole life was about ministering to those who were despised and rejected by society.  by reaching out to them, He restored their humanity and gave them dignity.  is your church seeking to be like Jesus, or is it just a comfortable place that would get along just fine without Him showing up?  Making dignity important is much more than hospitality, it means fighting against the things that rob people of their dignity!

and finally, does your church have meaning?  people are meaning-seekers.  we want to be part of something larger than ourselves. “The significance–and ultimately the quality–of the work we do is determined by our understanding of the story in which we are taking part” Wendell Berry.  what is your church doing to help those who are hungry and searching to find meaning in their lives, to help them find their part in the story?

i wrote those down again to remind me of what i want church to look like.  how we flesh that out is up to us.


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