songs for Sunday

this post is a part of Sunday Setlists over at Fred McKinnon’s blog


It was Confirmation Sunday at FUMC and we added 21 new members to the church.  some of them were confirmed in the traditional service and some in the contemporary.  i used this logo for the screen.


here is the service

New Doxology-Gateway Worship (this was the second week for this one.  they are getting more used to it.  this is not your daddy’s doxology.  our pastor got an email saying that i was doing a good job of putting the hymn lyrics to “a beat”)

Welcome and Announcements (i used a countdown clock this week to get them back to their seats)

Let God Arise-Chris Tomlin (offering.  i did have them sing the bridge and final chorus)


How Great is Our God-Chris Tomlin (communion song.  i had them sing voices only for the final chorus and it was really nice)

All Creatures of Our God and King-Crowder arr. (invitation.  another nice hymn moment)

it was a great service although we only sang 4 songs.  confirmation was nice and had some wonderful community moments.



  1. Good list. I rearranged the Doxology for our fellowship. The drummer kids me about it having a flavor of Toto’s “Rosanna.” I say it’s just because that’s the way he plays it. Rearranging and reintroducing the classis, lasting music of our Christian past is fun. I think it helps people new in the faith realize that they don’t have to reinvent Christianity.

  2. jwalker71 (Jeremy Walker);
    great list Chuck. How’s it going in W Tx? Love to hear from you. I’ve started reading this #sundaysetlist thing and will probably start posting our sets as well.
    See ya

    1. thanks, it’s going good. you are thinking the wrong direction. i’m in the piney woods out here about 40 miles from Louisiana. deep East Texas. looking forward to your sets.

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