Month: June 2009

Sunday Setlist

wow, it’s been a bit since I posted one of these.


this post is a part of Fred McKinnon’s Sunday Setlists over at his blog!

We had a joint service in our sanctuary on Sunday with the traditional service.  It was our new Senior Pastor, the Rev Nick Sholar’s first service.

my team got to do two songs in the service.  so we did…

God of This City (Passion arr.) & Jesus Paid it All(Kristian Stanfill style)

the choir sang an anthem called The Glory and Majesty of Your Name that was really beautiful.  There were several other hymns along with scripture readings, responsive readings, the Doxology, and the Gloria Patri.

it was an interesting Sunday because we scaled down our band to acoustic guitars, piano and djembe.  we used a Bose gig rig.  it sounded great. 

the service was awesome except that my battery ran down in my BK and it wasn’t in the h0use for God of This City, the good thing is I got to play a Schwartz Acoustic  for the last song as Danny Brevard was playing Mandolin.  I’ve never even touched a guitar that cost near 10k, much less played one.  Amazing.

our new pastor preached an amazing sermon.  he challenged the church (which was packed btw)

overall an amazing Sunday culminating with a fried chicken lunch on the lawn.

time to blog

it’s been  a wild few weeks.

we moved…

we had vbs…

we have our new senior pastor starting sunday…

we are getting ready for the summer…

it’s saturday so i’m blogging.  it’s not much, but hopefully it will kickstart a series from me.

i will say this…i’ve got some new books that i’m reading and i’m really excited about “The Divine Commodity” by Skye Jethani


hoping to get some time to delve into it.  i’ll let you know how it goes.

btw, i’m excited about Nick Sholars our new Senior Pastor.  please pray for his ministry to the  First United Methodist Church of Lufkin.  pray especially for the people who are relying on him to “fix” things.  pray that they would see that only God can fix things.


i haven’t blogged, and for that i apologize.  it hasn’t seemed a priority as of late.  a lot going on, but i will blog in the future.  lots of camps and mission trips coming up and lots of stories and imformation to impart.  until then.  i leave you with this.

Michael Kelsey continues to blow my mind.