Sunday Setlist.

What we played on Sunday. this post is part of Sunday Setlists over at Fred McKinnon’s blog!


We had 3 band members out on Sunday so we had Chris Caraway come out of the booth and play keys and brought in Justin Jinkins otherwise known as Jinx to play lead electric.

Let God Arise-Tomlin (opener)

Announcements/Children’s Time/Welcome

All Over the World-Redman

Healer-Guglielmucci (we’ve been singing this for a few weeks. the bridge is such an amazing cry)

All Because of Jesus-Fee (we introduced this as the offering.  The first time we’ve played with a loop since i’ve been here.  had some issues hearing it, but thought it went well)

Sermon-Touched and Changed

All Creatures of Our God and King-Crowder arr. (invitation and contemplation)

in spite of sound issues, it was a good service. 

hope your’s was good too.


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