i love confessions and benedictions.

i first read and heard this confession when i was at ecclesia in Houston one evening.  they have communion at every service and Chris Seay typically calls it the Eucharist.  i love this confession, and hope to use it in one of our communion services.

wine and bread

CELEBRANT:   You have made us to be free,

 PEOPLE:  But we crave the cheap comforts of our chains. 

 You have made us to serve others,

But we have eyes only for ourselves.

 You have made us to love,

But we are inflamed with lust.

 You provide, that we may be generous,

But we greedily hoard as if your well will run dry.

 You forgive time and again,

But we hold fast to the sins of others.

 You offer light for our path,

But we insist on making our own way. 


 CELEBRANT:  You are the God who saves.

 PEOPLE:  Lord, save us from ourselves.  In your great mercy,  restore and heal us, and grant us your peace.


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