Michael Jackson…

since i’ve gotten a lot of hits off of Christopher Walken and Eddie Van Halen, i thought i would try a post on


“the gloved one”

i actually liked Michael Jackson.  i thought he was a genius both musically and in creating this weird image of himself.  he never had to have a publicity machine because the press did it for him.

i remember getting “Thriller”


on cassette as a gift for my 12th birthday along with a knock-off walkman and Alabama’s “40 Hour Week” (obviously my dad still wanted me to like country music)  i remember hearing the music and just loving every song on the album.  i had heard some of “Off the Wall” due to some 45’s my grandpa had on some jukeboxes(Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough, Rock Wit You), but this was different.  it had a different feel.  this was Michael Jackson, as Ben Folds says, “rockin the suburbs”, and he was very talented.

i also remember making fun of Michael Jackson in HS and telling all the jokes, but was still entranced by the music, and the high water pants (never understood the need unless it was to show off the sparkly socks).  “The Way You Make Me Feel” off of “BAD” was a great tune.  i guess with the exception of “Smooth Criminal” Michael fell off of my musical radar in college as i waded off into what we then called “imports” and is today called “alternative” and “indie”.  i kept up with the occasional news blurb about him doing something weird.

all that aside. Michael Jackson was an amazing entertainer who could encompass every style.  he had an amazing voice and could dance like no other human.  as honestly as i can state…

there will NEVER be another Michael Jackson.


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