because i’m the greatest husband in the world…

i kept the kids from starving and the house from burning down last weekend so my beautiful wife could have a weekend away with her best friend since HS.  they had a great weekend in Austin, and they ran across what i think is one of the greatest gimmicks ever for a band.

I’m talking about The Space Rockers!


that picture is legit.  this is what they play their shows in, and according to Amy and many reviews i’ve read, they never get out of character. 

now gimmicks are great, but combined with talent, they are genius.  every review i’ve read on these guys is blisteringly awesome.  Amy said they were amazing, that their covers sounded so much like the real thing.  these guys do a lot of cool covers. so go check out their website.  they’re playing in Shreveport this weekend and i want to go see them.


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