so i consider myself artistic…

i love art.  i love music.  i love design.  i love theatre.  i love photography.  i love film.   i love any artistic endeavor.

i long to design sets and lighting.  paint and do graphic design.  write and play music.  write poetry and prose.  i would love to write a script or screenplay.  i would love to film a documentary.

i’ve been a musician since grade school and still make my living doing that, but yesterday and today…for the first time…i painted.

it’s not a great painting,  and you can’t actually call it painting, because i didn’t use a brush.  i just had a canvas and an idea.

this picture isn’t going to hang in a gallery or a museum.  it’s just for my office, but it’s the start of me living out some of my creative dreams.

Picture 002

i painted it with several guitar picks that i superglued to some pencil stubs.

Picture 001

so i feel as if i accomplished something.

i feel as if my biggest struggle in being artistic is that i have all of these whacked out ideas in my head, but no real way of fleshing them out.  i want to unleash these ideas, but need help.

what is the big creative dream that you have that’s not being fulfilled?



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