Worship Confessional…

this post is a part of Sunday Setlists over at Fred McKinnon’s blog!


we had a great Sunday.  it was the day before school started back and we had a great crowd.

We did an opening song this week again, and it rocked.  we had no technical issues and my goodness, the people sang.

Undignified-Redman (Crowder arr) this song was so fun and though it was unfamiliar to some of the crowd, they were really into it, and i was worn out at the end.

Opportunities for Witness and Service

Third Grade Bible Presentation/Children’s Time

Welcome and Greeting

All Because of Jesus-Fee (this song ROCKED!!  the congregation was really singing and the energy level was just electric)

Wonderful Cross-Watts/Tomlin/Walt/Reeves (our bass player David did a wonderful job on the intro for this)

Glory to God Forever-Beeching/Fee (second week for this and we invited them to sing at the end.  as a side note that afternoon at home, my 9 year old was in the kitchen singing “Take my life and let it be all for You and for Your glory, take my life and let it be Yours”)

Sermon-(it was untitled, but Nick challenged us to do something extraordinary.  to see possibilities instead of obstacles)

Take My Life And Let It Be-Tomlin arr (we let our other acoustic player Danny go on this one and he did not disappoint.  April sang lead and i picked up the chorus.  it was a wonderful way to end our service)

i really appreciate and love my team.  i had a comment this past week from a  guest who was in town doing a seminar for the UMC that he enjoyed the authentic nature of the service and my leadership being authentic in that.  i told him that every person on our stage and in our booth is authentic and that is what he saw.  i’m so thankful i get to serve with such humble, God-soaked people.  it’s a pleasure.


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