i’d love your thoughts on this….

my blog generally doesn’t generate a lot comments.  i’ll get a few Facebook responses to the link (although i get more debate out of a comment about the Jonas Brothers not being good, or how Chuck Klosterman hates soccer)


there’s never a great deal of debate, or discussion on this the actual blog, so i’m asking if you read this today.  please leave a comment, and here is the quote i want you to comment on.

“Let us

begin again,

for up

to now

we have



St. Francis

of Assisi

what does that phrase mean to you and how does it apply in your life today?



  1. I love this quote. To me it is sums of the promise of the next moment. The next minute, hour, day is a chance to begin again. The past is behind me and has prepared me for these future moments even if that past was full of failure.

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