Worship Postfessional…

this post is part of the Sunday Setlist festivities that happen every week over at Fred McKinnon’s blog.


We had another great Sunday.  Pastor Nick was on vacation so Pastor Mike preached and since he was doing the first immersion baptism in our building, he wanted to build the service around “living water”.

last week the task was given to me to find a suitable tank to immerse someone in.  i found a RubberMaid 300 gallon tank that did just the trick.

i built the media shout with lots of water backgrounds and the altar had a fountain on it with some great flowing white material.  it looked very nice.

we opened with

Majestic-Lincoln Brewster (we used the iWorship Flexx video with this, and it seemed to work pretty good.  the congregation was ready to sing again this Sunday.  it’s so great to have them be excited to worship our great God)

Welcome/Opportunities for Witness and Service/Greeting Time

Everlasting God-Brown/Brewster arr. (thought they really got into this one)

God of This City-Passion arr. (we haven’t sung this in a few months, but you wouldn’t know it.  i nearly lost it myself as our congregation sang with all their hearts.  this song means something to the people of a small city that know they CAN make a difference.  great holy moment)

All Who Are Thirsty-Brown/Kutless arr. (it was pretty much a Brenton Brown/Lincoln Brewster day.  Pastor had requested a baptism song and this one had been on my heart.  we sang it as the offertory, but after the bag had passed, they were on their feet singing “Come Lord Jesus come, and then we switched to “Holy Spirit come” and brought that down to just voices, another great holy moment)

Sermon-Where Do You Get That Living Water?

Baptism-this was a wonderful moment.

Come Ye Sinners-Robbie Seay (pastor asked people to come up and touch the water to remember their own baptism.  many people did.  it was neat to see parents bring their children up to dip their hands in the water. we had 3 people join the church.  it was a great day)



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