Month: August 2009

no Guitar Greats list would be complete…

without Les Paul… the father of the Electric Guitar as we know it.

he passed today at age 94, what a great and influential life.

Thank You



What we grooved to on Sunday…

this post is part of the Sunday Setlists over at Fred McKinnon’s blog.


we had a great day.  our good friends the Methvin’s were in town and they came to church with us.  they had not been in a service that i had led, so that was cool to have them there.

we’ve been playing with the order of worship to see if we can create a better flow.  we started with an instrumental of one of the songs we were doing, and i found out that a lot of our people are up and ready to sing while the rest are still talking and coming in.  there was confusion, but that is ok because it causes us to grow.

we did announcements, children’s & welcome time up front, then launched into our worship set.

New Doxology-Gateway Worship

Majestic-Lincoln Brewster

Revelation Song-Jennie Lee Riddle (i sang it because all of our vocalists were out.   it went well)

All Because of Jesus-Fee (offertory)


Amazed-Jared Anderson (invitation)

we had two families join the church and it was a great day of worshipping with FUMC Lufkin.

we had a worship team party titled German Fest in the evening.  AMAZING food, beverages, and community with the people i love like family.  the German roast beef, brats, and beer bread were insane.  i’m still full.  i love my team, and it was good to celebrate life with them last night.

because i’m the greatest husband in the world…

i kept the kids from starving and the house from burning down last weekend so my beautiful wife could have a weekend away with her best friend since HS.  they had a great weekend in Austin, and they ran across what i think is one of the greatest gimmicks ever for a band.

I’m talking about The Space Rockers!


that picture is legit.  this is what they play their shows in, and according to Amy and many reviews i’ve read, they never get out of character. 

now gimmicks are great, but combined with talent, they are genius.  every review i’ve read on these guys is blisteringly awesome.  Amy said they were amazing, that their covers sounded so much like the real thing.  these guys do a lot of cool covers. so go check out their website.  they’re playing in Shreveport this weekend and i want to go see them.

i was watching a podcast today…

and it set me to pondering this verse.

1 Corinthians 9:24-27 (New Living Translation)

 24 Don’t you realize that in a race everyone runs, but only one person gets the prize? So run to win! 25 All athletes are disciplined in their training. They do it to win a prize that will fade away, but we do it for an eternal prize. 26 So I run with purpose in every step. I am not just shadowboxing. 27 I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should. Otherwise, I fear that after preaching to others I myself might be disqualified.

that set me to thinking about how i’m running.  am i just running to stay in shape?  do i run because it’s the thing to do? do i run because i fear what is behind me?

i want to run to win!  i want to give it my all to impact culture!

i know lots of runners.  most run for fitness or enjoyment.  those are great things.  it is quite an achievement to finish a long distance race, but I think Paul is talking about us in our marathon to godliness as elite runners, the ones who are running to win. 


a few weeks ago Amy and i were watching the biopic “Prefontaine” and i was struck by Steve Prefontaine’s drive and how it correlates to this passage.  he ran hard to finish and win.

“How does a kid from Coos Bay, with one leg longer than the other win races? All my life people have been telling me, ‘You’re too small Pre’, ‘You’re not fast enough Pre’, ‘Give up your foolish dream Steve’. But they forgot something, I HAVE TO WIN.”-Steve Prefontaine

“A lot of people run a race to see who is fastest. I run to see who has the most guts, who can punish himself into exhausting pace, and then at the end, punish himself even more.” -Steve Prefontaine

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”-Steve Prefontaine

“You have to wonder at times what you’re doing out there. Over the years, I’ve given myself a thousand reasons to keep running, but it always comes back to where it started. It comes down to self-satisfaction and a sense of achievement.”-Steve Prefontaine

had his life not been cut short by a tragic auto accident Pre, as he was called, might have gone on to be the finest distance runner the world has ever seen, but even in that last quote, we see he was running for a prize that  is “perishable”, but we run for a prize that is eternal.  

keep running, and run hard!


What a great Sunday…

this post is part of the party over at Fred McKinnon’s Sunday Setlists


We had a great Sunday at FUMC Lufkin.

We started our service with Opportunities for Witness and Service (otherwise known as announcements)

Prayer for MS Students Going On Mission Trip



All Over the World-Redman (we picked up the tempo a bit from last week.  grooved much better)

How Great Is Our God-Tomlin (our people really sang out on this song)

All Because of Jesus-Fee (we sang this for the offertory again this week and invited our people to sing at the end)

Sermon-There’s A Church On Fire Matt 16:13-20 (and Pastor Nick lit it UP!!)

Communion-Jesus Paid it All-Standfill arr

Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)-Tomlin (invitation)

we had a great service.  really felt the Spirit moving over the place.  great holy moments.

Michael Jackson…

since i’ve gotten a lot of hits off of Christopher Walken and Eddie Van Halen, i thought i would try a post on


“the gloved one”

i actually liked Michael Jackson.  i thought he was a genius both musically and in creating this weird image of himself.  he never had to have a publicity machine because the press did it for him.

i remember getting “Thriller”


on cassette as a gift for my 12th birthday along with a knock-off walkman and Alabama’s “40 Hour Week” (obviously my dad still wanted me to like country music)  i remember hearing the music and just loving every song on the album.  i had heard some of “Off the Wall” due to some 45’s my grandpa had on some jukeboxes(Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough, Rock Wit You), but this was different.  it had a different feel.  this was Michael Jackson, as Ben Folds says, “rockin the suburbs”, and he was very talented.

i also remember making fun of Michael Jackson in HS and telling all the jokes, but was still entranced by the music, and the high water pants (never understood the need unless it was to show off the sparkly socks).  “The Way You Make Me Feel” off of “BAD” was a great tune.  i guess with the exception of “Smooth Criminal” Michael fell off of my musical radar in college as i waded off into what we then called “imports” and is today called “alternative” and “indie”.  i kept up with the occasional news blurb about him doing something weird.

all that aside. Michael Jackson was an amazing entertainer who could encompass every style.  he had an amazing voice and could dance like no other human.  as honestly as i can state…

there will NEVER be another Michael Jackson.

was reading this morning…

i was looking for places in the Bible where people praise and ran across this passage.


2 Samuel 22:47-51 NLT

47 “The Lord lives! Praise to my Rock!
May God, the Rock of my salvation, be exalted!
48 He is the God who pays back those who harm me;
he brings down the nations under me
49 and delivers me from my enemies.
You hold me safe beyond the reach of my enemies;
you save me from violent opponents.
50 For this, O Lord, I will praise you among the nations;
I will sing praises to your name.
51 You give great victories to your king;
you show unfailing love to your anointed,
to David and all his descendants forever.”

i love how God is a God of deliverance and how He shows His unfailing love.  the beauty is that i believe God loves the ones that He saves and the ones that He saves from.