Worship Postfessional…

this blog is part of Sunday Setlists over at Fred McKinnon’s blog.


It was Labor Day weekend, but our congregation didn’t drop off much.  We had a lot of visitors.

We were short handed in the booth and on stage.  People on vacation and a few dealing with family things.  I felt it was still a great service.

We opened with

Let God Arise-Tomlin

Opportunities for Witness and Service

Greeting Time

since it was a communion Sunday, i led them in the prayer of St. Francis before we moved to the next song


Glory to God, Forever-Beeching/Fee (offertory, the encouraging thing was when a whole row of Middle School students stood on their own to sing this song.  nobody else stood, but it didn’t matter.)

Sermon-Rest in God (Pastor Mike did a great job, his mic went out about 3 minutes in, so he just went without.  it worked well.  great sermon)

Communion-Carried to the Table-Mooring/Hindalong/Byrd (this is the first time i’ve done communion where we sang over them and just let them commune and not have to worry about words or anything.  it was a nice moment)

You Alone-Crowder (invitation)

with the exception of the mic issues, this was a really good Sunday.  Hope yours was as well.


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