i went to Sonora, TX


for Homecoming…at my high school


it’s been 20 years.

there were these receptions for alumni that a few of my classmates had said they would go to, then they all bailed, all for valid reasons i’m sure.

so i drug my whole family on an 8 1/2 drive to stay in an old hotel for two nights where they didn’t meet any of my classmates. 

we did get to party with the class of 1959 at these alumni gatherings.  they were a fun bunch to hang out with, and since my parents live about an hour and half away, they came in and spent the weekend with us.  it was good for our kiddos to see them.

i did see 3 or 4 of my classmates at the football game and some of the parents of friends who still live there, but noone came to the receptions and they live there.

oh, and now everyone wants to meet up at Sutton County Days next year. 

Class of 89!  FAIL!!

it was neat for my girls and wife to see the place where i graduated from school.  Amy did say she wouldn’t ever live there, so don’t get any ideas.  don’t worry, i won’t!

they did put new roofs on all of the old school buildings.  i can see the first house we lived in from this pic too.


in spite of no one coming it was still great to go back.  lots of things have changed, but i still knew my way around town.  it was weird really.

where are you from?

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