so i need to tell you about my friend…

his name is Floyd Marsellos.

he’s 84 years old and he is a retired architect.  in fact, he designed and oversaw the construction of the building i’m sitting in right now.

he is an artist, a dreamer, and an overall amazing man, but the thing i love most about Floyd is at 84, he is still running HARD after Jesus.

he inspires me and challenges me.  his humility is jaw dropping, his ability and thought procesess continue to amaze me.  i asked him to paint me a guitar for my office and he proceeded to paint me, bald head and all with my hand in the air praising God.  i’m tearing up thinking about the painting.  he asked me what the man in the picture was doing and then told me, “he was giving praise and honor to God, that’s what you do”

when i think of him…my first thought is “he gets it” and my second thought is…i need to spend some more time with Floyd and learn from him everything i can.

you should check out Floyd’s blog.  tell him i sent you.  thank me later.

thanks Floyd for being you and for helping me be a better version of me, the one God created me to be.


One comment

  1. Dear Floyd,

    It is good to make as acquaintance with you. Please know that my friend Chuck has been a very good friend of mine for a few years. Please say hello to him and tell him that I thank you for introducing you to all of us.

    All my best,


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