when i was in the 6th grade…

i took some piano lessons…


and i hated every minute of it.  i wanted to play the guitar, but my grandma wanted me to take piano, so piano it was.  i quit after that year.  i regret that i did not take advantage of the opportunity…

fast forward to college where i am the most miserable theory and piano student in all of Texas Tech School of Music.

music building

Sight singing and my knowledge of harmonization gets me through theory.  i think they just got tired of me in piano and eventually just moved me out.

and we come to today.  i’ve now taken my second piano lesson of the semester from Dr. McBee and i’m hooked.  i learned more about theory (at least what i want to know) in an hour from Dr. McBee than i learned in 3 years at Tech.  She explains things and teaches me what i need to know, not what the piano professor told the TA to teach or just run through the book.  so i’m actually practicing and really understanding what i’m playing.  do we see Beethoven Sonata’s in my future?  no, but that’s not why i want to play.

now i don’t feel like doing this to the piano anymore.

piano climber

(note the really cool “Caucasian Jesus” portrait above the piano)

i’m also taking guitar lessons.  we’ll see how that goes on Friday!



One comment

  1. i took piano from age 5-12. hated every second. my teacher kept telling me to “float my fingers”. still dont quite know how to float my fingers.

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