Worship Postfessional

this post is a part of the festivities over at Fred McKinnon’s blog


it was a good week at FUMC Lufkin.  i was out last week and Chris Caraway and my team did an awesome job.  it was good to be back.  had some people out due to sickness, family emergencies and vacation, but the band and tech team did a great job.

Song of Hope-Seay (our church loves this song.  i love to hear them sing the bridge where it goes Hallelujah sing.)

Opportunities for Witness and Service


All Because of Jesus-Fee (they really sing with us on this song)

Glory to God, Forever-Fee/Beeching

Glorious One-Fee (offertory) (we did this one in C.  D is too high for the congregation and B is too low for me to actually hit some of the notes.  our pianist requested this one a while back.  she has been dealing with her aging mother’s health, and has just come to church the last two sundays and worshipped in the congregation, so i thought it would be a good time to introduce it to the church)

Sermon-Are You Trustworthy? (Pastor Mike pinch preached for Nick who was dealing with a major sinus infection.  great sermon on stewardship)

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) Watts/Tomlin (invitation)

it was great to be back to worship with our family.  lots of new faces in the crowd this week.  praying that God would begin to draw all men to Him as we strive to lift up His name.


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