what we sang this week…

this post is part of the Sunday Setlists series over at Fred McKinnon’s Blog


we had a great Sunday.

there were lots of moving parts and the service went together very smoothly.  i thank God for that.  we weren’t able to have a normal rehearsal due to lots of our people traveling for business this week.  God is always amazing.  He takes our fish and loaves and makes a miracle.

All Over the World-Redman

Opportunities for Witness and Service


Greeting Time

New Doxology-Gateway Worship

Glory to God Forever-Fee/Beeching

Video-The Plate (great video on giving and what putting money in the plate provides)

Glorious One-Fee (offering)

Sermon-The Price of Following Jesus (Pastor Nick)

Jesus Paid it All-Nifong arr (invitation)

the people really sang out again today.  it’s a joy and blessing for me to be able to hear them sing the songs that God prompts us to sing.  it was good to have Pastor Nick back today.  he was on vacation and then battled the East Texas crud for a few weeks.  great sermon on commitment today.

please remember to pray for St. John’s United Methodist Church in Texas City, TX.  Their church building burned to the ground a few weeks ago.  The Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church is taking up an offering to help them. please contact the conference if you would like to help.


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