Month: September 2009

when i was in the 6th grade…

i took some piano lessons…


and i hated every minute of it.  i wanted to play the guitar, but my grandma wanted me to take piano, so piano it was.  i quit after that year.  i regret that i did not take advantage of the opportunity…

fast forward to college where i am the most miserable theory and piano student in all of Texas Tech School of Music.

music building

Sight singing and my knowledge of harmonization gets me through theory.  i think they just got tired of me in piano and eventually just moved me out.

and we come to today.  i’ve now taken my second piano lesson of the semester from Dr. McBee and i’m hooked.  i learned more about theory (at least what i want to know) in an hour from Dr. McBee than i learned in 3 years at Tech.  She explains things and teaches me what i need to know, not what the piano professor told the TA to teach or just run through the book.  so i’m actually practicing and really understanding what i’m playing.  do we see Beethoven Sonata’s in my future?  no, but that’s not why i want to play.

now i don’t feel like doing this to the piano anymore.

piano climber

(note the really cool “Caucasian Jesus” portrait above the piano)

i’m also taking guitar lessons.  we’ll see how that goes on Friday!


so i need to tell you about my friend…

his name is Floyd Marsellos.

he’s 84 years old and he is a retired architect.  in fact, he designed and oversaw the construction of the building i’m sitting in right now.

he is an artist, a dreamer, and an overall amazing man, but the thing i love most about Floyd is at 84, he is still running HARD after Jesus.

he inspires me and challenges me.  his humility is jaw dropping, his ability and thought procesess continue to amaze me.  i asked him to paint me a guitar for my office and he proceeded to paint me, bald head and all with my hand in the air praising God.  i’m tearing up thinking about the painting.  he asked me what the man in the picture was doing and then told me, “he was giving praise and honor to God, that’s what you do”

when i think of him…my first thought is “he gets it” and my second thought is…i need to spend some more time with Floyd and learn from him everything i can.

you should check out Floyd’s blog.  tell him i sent you.  thank me later.

thanks Floyd for being you and for helping me be a better version of me, the one God created me to be.

i went to Sonora, TX


for Homecoming…at my high school


it’s been 20 years.

there were these receptions for alumni that a few of my classmates had said they would go to, then they all bailed, all for valid reasons i’m sure.

so i drug my whole family on an 8 1/2 drive to stay in an old hotel for two nights where they didn’t meet any of my classmates. 

we did get to party with the class of 1959 at these alumni gatherings.  they were a fun bunch to hang out with, and since my parents live about an hour and half away, they came in and spent the weekend with us.  it was good for our kiddos to see them.

i did see 3 or 4 of my classmates at the football game and some of the parents of friends who still live there, but noone came to the receptions and they live there.

oh, and now everyone wants to meet up at Sutton County Days next year. 

Class of 89!  FAIL!!

it was neat for my girls and wife to see the place where i graduated from school.  Amy did say she wouldn’t ever live there, so don’t get any ideas.  don’t worry, i won’t!

they did put new roofs on all of the old school buildings.  i can see the first house we lived in from this pic too.


in spite of no one coming it was still great to go back.  lots of things have changed, but i still knew my way around town.  it was weird really.

where are you from?

Worship Postfessional…

this blog is part of Sunday Setlists over at Fred McKinnon’s blog.


It was Labor Day weekend, but our congregation didn’t drop off much.  We had a lot of visitors.

We were short handed in the booth and on stage.  People on vacation and a few dealing with family things.  I felt it was still a great service.

We opened with

Let God Arise-Tomlin

Opportunities for Witness and Service

Greeting Time

since it was a communion Sunday, i led them in the prayer of St. Francis before we moved to the next song


Glory to God, Forever-Beeching/Fee (offertory, the encouraging thing was when a whole row of Middle School students stood on their own to sing this song.  nobody else stood, but it didn’t matter.)

Sermon-Rest in God (Pastor Mike did a great job, his mic went out about 3 minutes in, so he just went without.  it worked well.  great sermon)

Communion-Carried to the Table-Mooring/Hindalong/Byrd (this is the first time i’ve done communion where we sang over them and just let them commune and not have to worry about words or anything.  it was a nice moment)

You Alone-Crowder (invitation)

with the exception of the mic issues, this was a really good Sunday.  Hope yours was as well.

the new Red Raider season starts tonight….

against the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux!


who have a kickin’ hockey team, but are not known for football.  kickoff is at 6:00.

Wreck ‘Em Tech

and in case you’ve forgotten the best college football play last year…

so i attempt to play the guitar…

but it’s when i run across kids like these that i realize.  i basically suck and i need to practice, or just give up an relegate myself to the fact that i’m a “rhythm” player.


don’t know how old that kid is, but he knows what he’s doing.  my gosh his hands are almost too small to do a power chord, but he completely rips.


this is Sungha Jung a 12 year old Korean who basically kicks booty.  just go search him on YouTube and be blown away.

ok, time to practice.

i know this video came out on the interwebs a few back…

but the album Stockholm Syndrome dropped today, and i really love Derek Webb. you should go get this record

be advised Derek says a word that might be offensive to some.  but i think that it fits in the song.