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we had another good week at FUMC Lufkin.

the weekend started off on Friday with some great youth activities and our worship team had a Beatle’s RockBand party.  the chile was excellent and so was the company.  i love my team.

around 300 in attendence on Sunday and we only have 354 chairs.

we kicked off with

Undignified-Crowder arr. (it got people moving.  love that arrangement)

Opportunities for Witness and Service

Greeting Time

Glory to God, Forever-Fee/Beeching (our church is really singing this song.  it’s exciting to hear them sing “Yeah You were, Yeah You were.”)

Our Lay Leader Jody Anderson got up to talk about stewardship using the story of Elijah in the cave.

Glorious One-Fee (this was for the offering, but people were beginning to sing it so that is awesome)

Sermon-How Can I Become The Person I Was Meant To Be?  (Pastor Nick talked about attitude.  great sermon)

Communion-Shine Your Light On Us-Robbie Seay  (i love this song, and thought it went really well in this setting.  the band hit it clean out of the park and i thought it made for one of those holy moments)

Great Is Thy Faithfulness-Brewster arr. (invitation)

Great service with great people. i feel blessed to be part of what God is growing here at our church.


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  1. We have yet to do “Glorious One” or “Glory To God Forever”, but so many people are doing them, and having such great responses, that I should probably get with the times! Love the set!

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