had a wonderful opportunity….

to take my whole family to the theatre yesterday afternoon.

 i absolutely LOVE creativity in any form. and i LOVE exposing my children to it.  i want to get their creative souls flowing and dreaming.

we have a world class facility here in Lufkin called the Angelina Center for the Arts.  it has a beautiful and amazing theatre space called the Tom Temple Theatre (named for the man who funded and pushed for it) that has seen and will continue to see world class performances due to the tireless efforts of the Angelina Arts Alliance.


we had the privelege to attend a matinee performance of Cirque Mechanics production of Birdhouse Factory

it was an amazing show full of machines, acrobatics, trampolines and brilliant story and choreography.  the story was told using laughter, hand gestures and the word “Hey”.

i loved watching my 2 1/2 year old and 4 year old be entranced by the lights, sounds and movements of the show.  it was wonderful.  my favorite thing was when the trampoline crew was doing a very intricate, choreographed routine with split second precision and my 2 1/2 year old says, “I can do that”.  the trampoline, juggler and german wheel were the highlights of the show for me.

so it was great to see such a wonderful production and spend time with my family on a lazy Sunday afternoon in Lufkin.

here’s a demo reel of the show, we saw pretty much all of this.

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