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well I missed last week’s posting because i was floating down the Colorado River for 35 miles with some men from our church.  it was a great trip and i really enjoyed getting to spend some time with men from our church on their journey.  sleeping in a tent that was too short for me was quite an experience.  i made it back alive.

onto our services for this week the 25th of October.

we opened with a song we’ve been working on and planning to do since early September, and the band did an amazing job.

Everybody Praise the Lord-Lincoln Brewster (it’s a barnburner and our band tore it up.  special kudos to our lead guitar Jay Watrous.  he put a lot of work into this song and it was a joy to hear and see him play it for the Lord.)

Opportunities for Witness and Service

Welcome Time

Marvelous Light-Charlie Hall (got to hear Charlie do this live last Saturday, so it was really fresh on my mind)

All Because of Jesus-Fee

Glorious One-Fee

Revelation Song-Jennie Lee Riddle (we used the flexxworship backgrounds from Integrity for this song.  April did a beautiful job as usual.  felt the Spirit prompt to sing the chorus a couple of times after just voices.  great moment with the Lord)

Sermon-Are You Caught Up in the “Me-ism” Epidemic Now? (great sermon by Pastor Nick using the biblical story of Lazarus and the Rich Man.  we were able to use this video[thank you TubeSucker] to illustrate how nothing but Jesus matters.)

great service we closed with

Great is Thy Faithfulness -Brewster arr.

How was your Sunday?

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  1. I love I Am Second – I’ve seen some really powerful ones but have not yet used them in our services.

    I can’t wait to intro Everybody Praise The Lord to our church. Awesome song!

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