Month: November 2009

so this girl from UNM is a bruiser…

this might be the most blatant exhibition of unsportsmanlike conduct i have ever seen.

and during the match only a yellow card was given.  unreal.

and then there is this.

sorry about the music on that one….

absolute travesty for the fans of Ireland!!

Soccer is having a bad month!!

i was doing some research…

cause i’m loving MUSE! and i found out that the lead guitar and vocalist of MUSE,  Matthew Bellamy is the son of George Bellamy who was the rhythm guitarist for the British band The Tornados.

They are famous for this song.

That song is called “Telstar” and was a #1 hit in 1962, which leads us to this MUSE song.

Knights of Cydonia

The song features vocals from both Bellamy‘s higher and lower ranges layered and both synthesised and live trumpet parts. The guitar sound in the song was inspired by “Telstar”. The song, taken in entirety, also bears a striking resemblance to George Bellamy’s composition “Ridin’ the Wind”.

Bellamy has stated that on the album in general he tried to create a vision of what is occurring in the song. For example, the bassline has a galloping rhythm depicting someone riding a horse.


worship postfessional

this post is part of the celebration over at Fred McKinnon’s blog


We had a great All Saints Day on Sunday.  we got some of our stage volume issues taken care of, but still have a few to cover.  we opened with…

I Am Free-Promise Keeper’s arr.  (this version completely rocks.  we did have some issues with projection.  substitute did this song the last time i was gone and didn’t do this version, so i didn’t think to fix the cue.  my bad)

Opportunities for Witness and Service

Stewardship Testimony

Welcome Time

Our God Saves-Baloche

Holy is the Lord-Tomlin

Everybody Praise the Lord-Brewster (offering.  they loved it again)

On All Saints Day, we read the names of those members who have passed away in the previous year.  we say their name and then ring a bell.  after the reading, we had set up some candle boxes for people to come and remember their loved ones who have gone on to be with Jesus.  it was a definite God moment in the service and came off much better than i planned or hoped.  i was beautiful to see whole families come up and light a candle. (in hindsight, the service was a bit schizophrenic with the big anthem and then the rocking offertory followed by somber moment and a vibrant sermon on “vision”.  but somehow those swings worked.)

Sermon-Steps to Building a Vision for Your Life (Pastor Nick challenged us to live up to our 10×12 capacity and not be satisified with a 2×4 kind of life.)

Amazed-Anderson (invitation)

had two more families join the church today.

how was your Sunday?