today is the birthday….

of the most wonderful woman that i have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

my wife Amy.

we will be married 15 years in March, and i can’t express to her how much the last 15 years have meant to me.   she is an amazing wife, a wonderful mother, the most creative teacher i have ever seen.  she is just amazing.  but if you know her, you already knew that.  Amy has stood by me during rough times.  during transitions in our life.  she has been the logical, coordinated, planned force balancing my spontaneous, flighty, undecisive force.  and through that, we’ve had a lot of fun, a lot of tears and a lot of love.

so happy birthday Amy.  you amaze me, and i love you sooooo much.

One comment

  1. Happy Birthday Amy! You are a blessed woman to have a husband who obviously loves you and appreciates you. Hope you have a great day and the two of you have many more years together.

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