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The Difference Between Average and Mediocre

Management often works to maintain the status quo, to deliver average products to average people.  In a stable environment, this is exactly the right strategy.  Build reliability and predictability, cut costs, and make a profit.

Traditional marketing, the  marketing of push, understands this.  The most stable thing to do is push a standard product to a standard audience and succeed with discounts or distribution.

But for tribes, average can mean mediocre.  Not worth seeking out.  Boring.

Life’s too short to fight the forces of change.  Life’s too short to hate what you do all day.  Life’s way too short to make mediocre stuff.  And almost everything that’s standard is now viewed as mediocre.

Is there a difference between average and mediocre?  Not so much.  Average stuff is taken for granted, not talked about, and certainly not sought out.

The end result of this is that many people (many really good people) spend all day trying to defend what they do, trying to sell what they’ve always sold, and trying to prevent their organizations from being devoured by the forces of the new.  It must be wearing them out.  Defending mediocrity is exhausting.

Seth Godin from TRIBES


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