i’m a huge fan of Chuck Klosterman…

and will probably use my Border’s rewards points to get his new book.

i was first exposed to his work when i checked Fargo Rock City out of the library.  i quickly purchased other books of his.  i liken him to a modern day Jonathan Swift when it comes to the art of the satirical essay.  his essays range in topic from Britney Spears to why he hates soccer.  he delves into the racial and socio economic implications of the Lakers/Celtics battles of the 1980’s.  then sometimes he just writes about the fact that he has a drinking problem.

this however is why i like Chuck Klosterman.  no matter what he writes about….it’s always painstakingly authentic and as true as he can be.  he doesn’t hold back to give us nice saccharine overloaded stories.  he gets to the dirty, bottom of the the facts.  i think that’s what i enjoy.  he wants you to be shocked, to disagree with him, to write him angry letters telling him how you feel (well he may not like angry letters, but in my imagination i picture him getting hate mail).

so i invite you to check out Fargo Rock City, Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs, or IV, and if you disagree with me, well….we can still be friends.  i think that’s how Chuck would like it.

(BTW, i was going to devote a post today to how HORRID Taylor Swift performed on the Grammy Awards Show last night, but decided i’d rather write about something that i like.)


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