Hear No Evil

this is my review of Matthew Paul Turner’s book Hear No Evil.

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if you follow @JesusNeedsNewPR on twitter, or read his blog, you are no stranger to his biting sarcasm and wit.  my first exposure to MPT was following him while he tweeted American Idol last season and then every subsequent award show where we would often trade comments back and forth about how horrid Taylor Swift was in that performance.  you can imagine how excited i was when i found out his newest book was about his own musical formation.  i was expecting a tirade about the fundamentalists that kept him from good music.  a Jonathan Swiftesque satire akin to the Jesus pictures he periodically posts on his blog…

what i found was a book about real people tendered with much grace.  there is the occasional barb at his upbringing and some of the people he was raised around and with, but mostly it’s a very honest look at how music is essential in his and other people’s formation as human beings.

from the stories about “Christian Rocker Adam” who didn’t know who a certain big name star was, to MPT’s own big name non-recognition in Music Business at Belmont, the book is full of very candid and honest moments.  i’ve read a few other reviews where people have asked questions or attacked things Matthew did or didn’t do, but i can’t judge his story.  it’s just his story.  he lived it.  i’m sure there were things he’d change and other things he wouldn’t.  a few of my favorite moments include Matthew’s story of getting in trouble for possessing a certain artist’s tape, him flirting with Calvinism and basically the whole chapter Chasing Amy.

his story is the story of countless AWANA kids who have come up to me at camps over the years and told me i was wrong for playing the guitar(so loud) and singing “those” songs.

it’s a fun book with lots of truth, humor and honesty.  i highly recommend it.

so thanks MPT for taking me on an honest, enjoyable, sometimes painful (for you) trip through your childhood and young adult years.  other reviewers may only give you 3 stars, but i give you 4 1/2 stars (said in my best Ed McMahon voice)

I’m giving away a free copy Hear No Evil to one lucky reader.  Leave a comment telling me one of your most formative musical moments and i will randomly select a winner

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

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  1. So many great music moments. One of the most formative was hearing Adam Ant’s “Kings of the Wild Frontier” when I was ten. I’d never heard anything like it. We were having a wrap party for the play “Life with Father” A couple of the kids that ran lights were playing the album in the tech booth. I sat all night listening to the album. That chance hearing opened my life up to punk/alt that has been so influential.

    1. that’s awesome Joe. David loves the Pixies as well. I wish you had commented the day before yesterday and that way i could have done eenie meenie miney moe, but since you didn’t, i already got the book to David. but i still think you are cool.

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