i’ve been a fan….


since season 1.

i think that Kelly Clarkson is still the best out of all the seasons (although Carrie Underwood has been growing on me lately)

there have been some seasons that were better than others, but this season by far has been the worst in my memory, and last night solidified that for me.

now let me set this up.  these kids could pick ANY #1 song from the Billboard charts, and with the exception of maybe 2 people, they all sang CRAP.  for goodness sakes this is a competition people.

so the real point of my post is this…every time the judges challenge song choice with “why did you pick that song”(and i’m not exaggerating when i say this) the contestants say, “i was just trying to have some fun”  FUN, really?  if i had the chance to sing ONE SONG in front of millions of people….

1. i would pick a killer song.

2. i would do an arrangement that didn’t sound like a karaoke cover of the original (there are plenty out there, ask David Cook)

3. i would make every effort to hit it out of the park

then when the judges asked me, “why did you pick that song” i could answer, ” i’m here to win this mutha”

but since i’m 38, the world will never see that.

so kids, lets not think about having fun, lets think about entertaining and connecting with an audience, then when the confetti falls you can play in it and that will be fun.

just to prove my point, last night Casey James sang “The Power of Love” and Simon commented that he sounded too much like the original, but what if he had sung this arrangement of the same song.  a #1 is a #1, you can sing whatever arrangement you want.

AND, speaking of amazing covers, you should really go pick up The Bird and The Bee’s “Interpreting the Masters Vol 1. (A tribute to Daryl Hall and John Oates)”

check it out.


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