Good Friday

we had our Good Friday service last night, and our youth helped to lead out.  It was a very simple service.

we used our architectural projection to project a very dark cloudy cross scene on the wall.

we had stations created by our youth and youth minister David Runnels.  they were based on people that Jesus encountered on His way to and on the cross.

the first station was for people to wash their hands and it was representative of Pilate

the next station was an opportunity to create a cross and then leave it for someone else to carry.  This was representative of Simon of Cyrene.

the next station was representative of a story.  although not in the bible, there is story of a woman named Veronica who wiped Jesus face.  this station had to do with looking at yourself and seeing something of Jesus in yourself.

the next station was representative of the thief.  there were pieces of paper with the words “Jesus remember me” on them.  we asked people to trace their hand and write something they wanted to be forgiven of, then they impaled the paper on the nails sticking up.  very powerful.

the last station represented Mary the mother of Christ and John the beloved disciple.  it was an opportunity for people to have one last moment of reflection and prayer before the service began.

people started filing in around 6:45 and began experiencing the stations.  we began singing at around 7:10.  it was my great pleasure to share the music at this service with Dr. Boamah, our new Director of Worship Arts.

the service went like this:

What Wondrous Love is This

reading of the Passion from the Voice (our youth did this from the sound booth)

By His Wounds

David spoke about the cruelty and the biology of the cross

Video-Sunday’s Comin’

The Wonderful Cross (my 13 year old daughter Kenedy sang harmony on this and did a great job)

how was your Good Friday service?


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