many of you know

we have 4 children.  our youngest is a foster child we can’t name or put pictures of on the internet, so we just call him babyzooloo.

babyzooloo has a very sharp imagination.  he likes to play games and invent things and dream big dreams.  his brother Kooper is very literal, but not babyzooloo.

point in case Koop wants to be a baseball player when he grows up.  on Saturday, babyzooloo told me he wanted to be Jesus when he grew up, but he was going to need some of those “branches” for his head.  then the next day he tells me he guesses he’ll just be a racecar driver, but he wants to wash the cars when he’s done racing them.

yesterday his dayschool teacher relayed to me a conversation he was having at lunch.

babyzooloo: I’m going to be a racecar driver when I grow up, I was going to be Jesus, but I don’t want to get a whipping on my back so I’ll just put Jesus in my heart.

friend:  How are you gonna get Him in there?

babyzooloo: I’ll just push Him in.

that’s all cute and all, but i find an amazing lesson there.  my 3 year old somewhat understands Jesus.  he knows he wants to be “like” Jesus.  he knows that he suffered.  and he knows that Jesus lives inside of us.  i’m not sure, but while his friend is asking a literal question, he is giving an abstract, albeit spiritual answer.  from the mouths of babes.


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