Strengths Finder 2.0

i had the opportunity to take the Clifton Strengths Finder 1.0 a few years back at the Ethos Conference in NYC.  it was put on by Mosaic LA.  my number one strength 4 years ago was WOO (winning others over) my #1 strength Connectedness was one  and so was Communication.  i’ve misplaced my list and can’t recover the other two.  since then, Gallup has come out with the 2.0 version of the finder.  i picked up the book the other day and found that my strengths had really changed.  my top 5 are now:







as i was pondering the differences and only remembering communication being in my top 5 last time i ran across this passage in the book.

“Based on our calculations, if you compare your version 1.0 results to your version 2.0 results, there’s a strong chance that at least three of your top 5 themes will remain the same.  And in most cases at least 4 themes will appear in your top 5 both times.  Perhaps the most important thing to understand for your development is that if you do see a new theme in your top 5, it was likely in your top 10 before.  So you have not “lost” a theme, but instead now have the opportunity to see a theme or two that had been hiding just below the radar.”

so it seems that my strengths have shifted from connecting and winning people over to coming up with ideas and strategically communicating and activating them.  go figure.  what do i do with that?  guess i’ll be reading some more.


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